Use This Free Proven Business Plan Outline

The first step in writing a business plan is to find a good template to use that will provide you with a framework in which to add all the key elements of your business in the most logical order and in a way that helps you build the case for your business success.

There are lots of free templates on the Internet for business plans but the one that cuts right to the chase and provides you with a flexible and efficiency maximizing outline can be found for free on websites by doing a simple search for free business plan templates.

This proven business outline is flexible in that it allows you to include or drop out sections that you may or may not need depending on the kind of business you are working on for your plan. It also has many different templates that are further divided into business types so you can work on a template that specifically caters to your business needs.

Once you get into the business plan writing process the template provides help and assistance in determining exactly what information you need to include and where to find it if you need to do market research to determine things like the size of the market, demographic information, competitor stats and anything else relevant to proving your business case when you create the plan.

Another advantage of using a template like this is that is keeps you from inadvertently forgetting to include some essential piece of information that an investor or banker or someone reviewing your plan from the SBA is going to want to see such as the experience of the management team or the marketing strategy or the industry prospects.

Using a proven template will make sure you remember to include these vital pieces of information in your plan.

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