MLM Success – Working The Free Business Plan

Free business advertising plan should be the main priority of new network marketing business builders. In the beginning you will need as much confidence as possible in MLM business so spending money on recruiting and advertising should not be encouraged.

There are many ways to generate free leads for your business. I’ll mention this again, helping people around you is the best way to achieve this. You don’t have to sell anything to your friends and family but make them aware of the new business you are involved and ask if they know anyone that might be interested in what you are marketing.

Getting referals from someone that you know or sold to is one of the best way to get free leads. Imagine you ask 5 people for 5 leads every single day. There’ll come a time you will not be able to handle the number of leads, because they’ll be too much for you to handle.

In my organisation, everyone that join are encouraged to work their free advertising and retail plan, at least to the minimum of their effort. You will not be allowed to continue with more expensive option till you have done the free advertising business plan. There are so many ways of doing this. One of the ways of working your free business plan is to do a grand opening for your business by inviting your friends and families to come and help you celebrate the start of your home based business. Many of them will be curious, you will have a chance to speak about your products and the opportunity.

Another fantastic way is to do survey by asking people to help you with a new range of products that you need a feedback on. People like to help, especially when they know that testing your products will cost them nothing. The aim of the survey is to get interested people to test your products, like it and give referals, it is never to sell your products to them. Do it this way and you will never run out of free business leads.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with spending money on recruting and retailing advertising but you want to make, keep and invest as much money as possible in your MLM business. In my MLM business (and in majority), it cost an average of $250 to get a new distributor signed up and $40 to get a new customer.

The more free advertising plan you do, the more money you will keep and re-invest in your business. Nothing comes easy and believe me MLM is one of the top ten things that are advertised online, so majority of the leads are getting colder. If you want a hot responsive lead, many of them are still offline. Use free/cheap advertising plan to bring them on board. Good luck.

Aliyu Odumosu

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