Free Business Plans

Free business plans are freely available online, however you need to make sure that you have some insider knowledge to ensure that you are following a business plan that is affordable and has a really good chance of making a full time living online.

I will introduce you to a couple of free business plans that when set up correctly can give you a residual income and a business that will always be in demand by millions of people.

These business plans have been tried and tested and are still making in excess of monthly six figure incomes for tens of thousands of people worldwide.

The first of these free business plans are in affiliate marketing, this is an extremely simple business to set up and the ongoing monthly costs are less than the price of a decent cup of coffee each day.

Affiliate marketing simply means promoting other people’s products online or through other traditional advertising marketplaces.

The cheapest way to advertise these products is through simple free advertising online through media such as Facebook, twitter, free online adverts, forums, article writing and blogs etc.

The secret is to find niche markets and some of the most profitable of these are in people’s health, helping people to make money, and people’s lifestyles.

An example of a niche markets in the health business could be the best diet for the over 50s. Another example could be the best way to cure psoriasis.

The list is almost endless and the more you think about it the more ideas you will come up with for niche markets that can bring you in residual incomes.

You do not need to have any expert knowledge on any of these subjects and products because they are all available in places such as click bank and commission Junction.

These are digital marketplaces that have thousands of digital knowledge products that you are free to promote. Any sales that are made through your promotions will automatically generate a commission income for you.

There are no customers to worry about, no deliveries to make and you do not have to deal with any returns. All of this is done automatically for you by the digital marketplaces that you use.

You can create highly profitable niche markets with any subject that you have knowledge of. This can be as simple as showing people magic tricks, to helping people become better at their chosen sport or hobby.

The second of these free business plans is Internet marketing. Internet marketing is similar to affiliate marketing and tends to be used more for promoting physical products, for example pet products, sporting goods, electrical and electronic goods etc.

One area to have a look at is wholesalers; here you can buy quality branded products in small batches which will make you a nice profit. However I still believe that specialist niche products achieve the best profits.

By searching the Internet you will often find that you can purchase very good specialist niche products in small numbers. This is a great way to sell high priced ticket items for a larger profit, this is because they are in demand specialised niche products.

By working with the right suppliers you may also be able to have the products delivered directly to your customer for a very small fee without your customer knowing the source of your purchase.

This is known as drop shipping and it is now a very widely used method of doing business. This way you retain the customers, and the wholesaler deals with dispatching the products, collecting the money and dealing with any returns or complaints.

Most free business plans have a few catches or clauses within them, so just be careful to never pay for anything up front and look at the small print before you sign up to anything that claims to be a free business plan.

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